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Original post by zufrieden, Mar 21.

Although this site shows signs of being on its last legs as a discussion forum, those of us who have been friends for over a decade should nonetheless stay in touch.  Given that the situation today is one of somewhat (though by no means totally) justified hysteria over another outbreak of Corona Virus (SARS was the first and, at the time, most important), you may wish to check in and let everyone know how you and your other friends and relatives are faring.   My family is so far doing well - although my youngest brother and his wife were exposed recently and are in self-maintained quarantine.

Let us know how you are doing - wherever you are in the world - and, by all means, express your frustrations, concerns and how you are keeping up the supply of grog.

Finally, a reading suggestion:  A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe (of Robinson Crusoe fame) published in 1722 and based on recollections of the London Plague of 1665 ( a year prior to the Great Fire which destroyed, inter alia, the original St. Paul's Cathedral).

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Reply by dvogler, Jul 8.

Jack, happy belated Independence Day.  I add my sincere sympathies for you and your wife also.  I wish I could offer a place of refuge to you all south of the border, but theist advice is listen to Fauci, not Trump.

My wife is getting anxious to see her parents (in Seattle) but the border is closed.  She could go there as she's a US citizen, but she'd have to quarantine for two weeks when she came back to Victoria and can't take that time off work.  I too would have to quarantine if she's in the house.  So, we're stuck.

PS: Masks are a good thing!

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